thee final finale by tyler galloway

today in class

review issues from type exercises

  • 6 x 4 input card
  • menu
  • recipe page
  • data table

quick review talk

bringhurst test

also: make sure you have any and all relevant process from your senior show team posted to your blog. so far, one student has done this. i will be reviewing that in the coming week to determine your project grade for that portion of the class. 

bringhurst test by tyler galloway

you are responsible for all content on the following pages:

9–106 [probably the most practical and useful info for basic typesetting needs]

111–113, 117, 119–160

your test, to start and end in class on wednesday april 26, will be in two major parts

  • a standard-looking thing with matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and some identification of special characters. 100 points
  • a typesetting thing with multiple practical tests of your abilities. you will receive digital files and turn in black and white prints for grading. 100 points

the test will comprise 15% of your grade. as with the other two projects, this is roughly correlated with the amount of time spent during the semester on this subject matter. 

final grade breakdown by tyler galloway

50% xs, m, xl: this is already determined unless you turn in revisions by the last class on april 26

30% senior show work: i have some process scores on your projects, most of which are not that impressive. it is incumbent on you to document your iterations and process on your blog to evidence your contributions to the project.

5% short type exercises: assigned and delivered in class april 19 and 24

15% bringhurst test: assigned and completed in class april 26

bringhurst reading due april 10 by tyler galloway

for april 10 class, please read bringhurst pp 143–160.
no need to pour over every detail of the tables and diagrams. just know they are there for your curiosity and discovery. i want you to get a basic understanding for the various methods used to develop proportional systems for design and typography.

t4 senior show deadlines by tyler galloway

print catalog: to printer april 14 (allows two weeks until public show)

website: live april 17

printed postcards? mail out april 14 (allows a bit under two weeks before public show, a bit under three weeks before industry night) 

XS M XL crit format by tyler galloway

refer to the project sheet for all deliverables, both for crit and to be emailed to me, all of which is due before noon on monday march 13. no emails marked 12:01 or later will be accepted. work not emailed to me before noon on the 13th will be considered incomplete, and graded as such. 

critique format
how do you maximize the value and input of your learning community to better your own work?
each student will have 10 minutes to answer that question by organizing their own critique time. what is it going to take to make your work better? how can your peers help you in that process? how do you get that critical conversation going? 

your response to that question will count toward your "presentation and craft" grade for your project. 

your input and participation as a colleague will count toward your "participation" grade. 

web fonts + project sheet update by tyler galloway

i have had a tough time using dreamweaver to specify CSS rules "from scratch", so i have been using my hand-coded css and modifying as needed within dreamweaver.

a second way to add web fonts beyond the "@font-face" that i showed in the past is to use select a font you like by clicking the red "plus" symbol. look at the bottom of the page for the black bar that shows how many families you've selected. click that bar and it will give you code to copy and paste into your html doc. then you would use the other code within your css doc to specify the proper family. pretty cool!

the project 1 sheet is updated. refer to that for updated daily requirements and new project deadline.

diverse perspectives on typeface design by tyler galloway

so hev asked me if there were any african-american typeface designers. great question. i put out the call on facebook and it has led to a more expansive search and interest for diversity within typeface design. in the following list, let's remember  that these folks are 1. human beings; 2. worthy of value no matter their background or beliefs; 3. creative individuals; who are also...

darden studio

alonzo felix, a designer who also made this wicked cool dingbbat font

that's what i got for now. please let me know if you find more!

typequality is a website project collecting women typeface designers. so much yay!

zuzana licko, probably the best known female type designer

sybille hagmann smart and unique work. 

susan kare, who designed some of the very first apple system fonts. 

there are many, many more women typeface designers well worth checking out!

latinotype a wide range of very well-designed and trendy type. 

html action [for real this time]! by tyler galloway

in class
hand coding using w3 schools
make sure you have your laptop charged and ready to roll with textEdit. we will go through these as a group to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of learning basic html tags and such. 

discuss bringhurst reading pp 25–36, "horizontal motion" from last week and pp 36–44 "vertical motion" for this week. remember, we are moving the readings to the weekend so discussions will happen on mondays. see the adjusted project sheet for details. 

more hand coding

from the project sheet: develop a minimum of five separate M piece attempts. more is better. perhaps you discover a new possibility playing with html. 

also, do the "practice css coding" tutorial from adobe. follow the instructions carefully.

html action! by tyler galloway

in class
review bringhurst

XS group crit

html coding by hand using super old-school!

install dreamweaver: use your creative cloud icon on the top menu bar on your computer. sign in and download and install the app.

go through these tutorials. sort by "beginner". there are three sets of videos in the horizontal scroller. go through each video. there are a few "try it" videos where you play with html and css in dreamweaver and will want to download some source files to use. those are available below each video. 

using some of your content, make at least five different attempts at a basic html page with a few css selectors set. try "font-family", "color", "font-size" within your <p> tag, for instance. you can do this using dreamweaver or try it by hand using text edit and the w3 schools site. 


ideation by tyler galloway

categories of approaches to consider in your ideation:

  • interaction types
  • typeface choices
  • time (simultaneous vs sequence vs other)
  • layout / composition / type as image / formal explorations (strategies for type usage vs typeface choice)

rapid prototypes
when / if you get tired of simply thinking on a range of concepts, shift gears and simply make something, anything. in fact, some random making may generate some very interesting ideas. try it as a brainstorming technique. remember the operative word up there is "rapid" – don't spend a year making one little thing.

morphological analysis