XS M XL crit format / by tyler galloway

refer to the project sheet for all deliverables, both for crit and to be emailed to me, all of which is due before noon on monday march 13. no emails marked 12:01 or later will be accepted. work not emailed to me before noon on the 13th will be considered incomplete, and graded as such. 

critique format
how do you maximize the value and input of your learning community to better your own work?
each student will have 10 minutes to answer that question by organizing their own critique time. what is it going to take to make your work better? how can your peers help you in that process? how do you get that critical conversation going? 

your response to that question will count toward your "presentation and craft" grade for your project. 

your input and participation as a colleague will count toward your "participation" grade.