html action! / by tyler galloway

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review bringhurst

XS group crit

html coding by hand using super old-school!

install dreamweaver: use your creative cloud icon on the top menu bar on your computer. sign in and download and install the app.

go through these tutorials. sort by "beginner". there are three sets of videos in the horizontal scroller. go through each video. there are a few "try it" videos where you play with html and css in dreamweaver and will want to download some source files to use. those are available below each video. 

using some of your content, make at least five different attempts at a basic html page with a few css selectors set. try "font-family", "color", "font-size" within your <p> tag, for instance. you can do this using dreamweaver or try it by hand using text edit and the w3 schools site.