diverse perspectives on typeface design / by tyler galloway

so hev asked me if there were any african-american typeface designers. great question. i put out the call on facebook and it has led to a more expansive search and interest for diversity within typeface design. in the following list, let's remember  that these folks are 1. human beings; 2. worthy of value no matter their background or beliefs; 3. creative individuals; who are also...

darden studio

alonzo felix, a designer who also made this wicked cool dingbbat font

that's what i got for now. please let me know if you find more!

typequality is a website project collecting women typeface designers. so much yay!

zuzana licko, probably the best known female type designer

sybille hagmann smart and unique work. 

susan kare, who designed some of the very first apple system fonts. 

there are many, many more women typeface designers well worth checking out!

latinotype a wide range of very well-designed and trendy type.