feb 3 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss: flaunt reading over portfolio q&a. make a list of best practices and/or things to keep in mind.

discuss: how to write about projects [title - problem/objective/audience -  solution; what one sees vs what one reads; brevity; establishing a replicable structure]

what are aspects of a design project that a potential employer wants to know about? 

how are you approaching your writing? 

discuss sequencing of work – what goes first, last, middle and why

as time allows, work time – final touches on all project images and writing.

new work for next class
production on behance site, screen-based pdf or keynote that can export cleanly as pdf. keep layouts simple and focus the viewer’s attention on what’s most important. include your written descriptions using professional and clear typography. 

read: how to find your first design job, from aiga.org
this is the same text as appears in the recommended text, “the aiga guide to careers in graphic & communication design”, so if you have that book, check out chapter 4.
this reading will be due in two classes – feb 11.

final crit format
you will give a visual/verbal presentation of your projects as if you are in an interview. be confident, clear, concise and, of course, professional. 

10 minutes total per student – 8 minutes to present and 2 minutes for feedback.

we will do a crit chain format where student a presents and student b and c critique for participation grades [be thoughtful and critical]. then student b presents, with student c and d critiquing, and so on.