feb 6 // final crit on portfolio development / by tyler galloway

in class
you will give a visual/verbal presentation of your projects as if you are in an interview. be confident, clear, concise and, of course, professional. 

10 minutes total per student – 8 minutes to present and 2 minutes for feedback.

we will do a crit chain format where student a presents and student b and c critique for participation grades [be thoughtful and critical]. then student b presents, with student c and d critiquing, and so on.

make sure all deliverables are turned in – behance url or pdf of images, file structure emailed to me, blog posts.

new work for next class
write out or update your resume. take a stab at writing a cover letter to introduce yourself to your dream internship site. what do you need to say?

find an online or printed personal identity that resonates with you. it can be a website [it’s not about the work, but the site design that frames the work], a business card, or other indicator of a personal [not studio] identity – something to share with your classmates.

ari fish from career services will be here monday at 9:00 for a resume and letter-writing workshop. yay!

review the project 2 brief here.

don’t forget to read: how to find your first design job, from aiga.org