jazz a\v assemblage crit format / by tyler galloway

30 minutes to play and interact with all work

designer: state your audience, context, and device.

a classmate will run through or interact with your project and respond to the following project objectives [5 min]:

  • how usable and logical is the interface?
  • are you able to move fluidly between screens and maintain a sense of place?
  • are any moments of linear narrative [animated transitions, motion graphics, etc] well-done and engaging? 
  • is there a good balance between usability and surprise/innovation/sense of play?
  • is the experience and interaction unified top-to-bottom?

additional peer input [5 min]

author commentary [2 min]

12 minutes per student total

EDIT: updated deliverables

all are due before the start of class on final crit day – wed oct 11. email to me or send a google drive link.

  • final functioning prototype
  • 3–5 screen grabs illustrating a typical user path and showing a visual range of screens
  • new: design brief and audience/context descriptions [pdf or link to blog post]
  • new: user testing documentation [pdf or link to blog post]
  • if appropriate [not required], a video of a user session