oct 2 and 4 class / by tyler galloway

in class
work time and desk crits with danielle young, UI/UX designer at virgin mobile.

new work for oct 4 and 9
conduct at least two simplified usability tests. read this article from uxmastery.com for an overview of how usability tests are typically done. "don't make me think" chapter 9 is also about usability testing – feel free to skim that for tips and ideas. our test will be greatly simplified, as we are near the end of the process – not an ideal time to test. consider this an introduction and we will get into it more on the next project. 

  • determine what questions you have and create a few simple tasks for your users to complete. example: find a song by miles davis to play and play it."
  • find users to test that fit your audience profile.
  • write up a simple script describing your project and that you are testing the design, not them. prepare follow-up questions to ask, like "how difficult was that task, on a 1-5 scale?" or "were there any points of confusion?" 
  • when you test, remain neutral, encourage users to think out loud, observe their actions and refrain from leading or hinting unless they are really stuck. take notes as they work so you don't forget anything. 
  • notice any recurring problems from multiple users and prioritize those problems, among others, to fix. 

documentation of your testing is a required part of your process. if your final project is not planned as a clickable prototype in flinto, let me know and we can talk about paper prototyping.

EDIT: please read "don't make me think" chapter 6 for wednesday oct 4.