project 2 start / by tyler galloway

project brief here!

homework for oct 16
research emerging interactive technologies including, but not limited to wearables like fitbit/vivofit, digital watches; findy things like tile; nearables like beacon; voice assistants like amazon echo and google home; smart objects for the home; audio/video communication like facetime, skype and similar. there are many more things out there – those listed are just top of mind, so explore widely.

also take a peek at various technology solutions aimed at senior citizens. here's one quick article to get you started. okay, one more.

before class, email me a 1920 x 1080 [widescreen presentation size in keynote] pdf slide[s] editing and compiling your findings into an interesting range of things to share with your classmates. i will pull these up on my laptop for a full series of informal research presentations by each of you. organize and design accordingly.