semiotics 3 / by tyler galloway

in class

discuss reading: "langue" vs "parole"; our creation of myth; polysemy vs anchorage & the "floating chain of signifiers"

questions on the project sheet? 

quick review over mind mapping. be sure to utilize this idea generation technique for this process.

look at some work! what did you make? how might you expand on what you have?


the following in a blog post, in your own words:
denotation, connotation, syntagm, paradigm, digital code, analog code, convention, motivation, anchorage, relay

these these two selections from philip meggs' book "type & image" here and here


  1. select one or two of your more successful icons, indexes, symbols. re-draw/re-design the same sign multiple times using different media and visual approaches to create a range of connotations – think "object translations" and “symbol x 100”. how do you change how you say the things you are saying ("angry", "cuddly", or "haggard" bear)? consider langue vs parole – the bit of language/denotation you are communicating vs your dialect/personal quirks/tone of voice.

  2. play with ideas for both anchorage and relay relative to your topic. this will require the combination of image and text.

this project will be due monday, feb 11. crit format to come soon.