semiotics 2 / by tyler galloway

in class
review readings, terms, and social issues. 

lecture: semiotics, part 2

review project sheet

read "visible signs" part two, by david crow.

 additional project thoughts: when finding and collecting a wide range of existing icons, indexes, and symbols about your social issue – the wider the range, the better. think broadly – literal to abstract; logical to emotional to absurd; tight associations to loose. these can be photographs, logos, bits of expressive or informative text, illustrations, colors, textures, or whatever else you find. the primary requirement is that they must be signs – a thing that stands for something other than itself. look at recurring topics and images as well as unique instances and perspectives – for the issue, against it, and so forth.

in addition to your research above, brainstorm and create a range of your own icons, indexes, and symbols about your topic. don't worry too much at this point about being original – think about the value of convention, or of being unconventional. it may be best to think/create categorically – start making icons, then move to indexes, then symbols. don’t forget to include typographic words and phrases – they count, too. these needn't be carefully resolved at this point. quick renderings are fine. a wide range of ideas is what's most important. we can discuss and develop more later. 

bring what you find and make to next class for review. make it fun! yay!