semiotics 4 / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss readings

lecture on organizational strategies.

small group crit over work in progress. you should have the following:

  • a good variety of visual research

  • a few icons, indexes, and symbols of your own design. make sure you are making both images and text [typeset, manipulated, hand lettered, etc; not default].

  • connotation studies with at least one sign

  • anchor/relay studies with text/image combinations

 Intertextuality (start at “Roland Barthes introduced the concept of anchorage...” about halfway down near a photo of an embracing couple. stop at "Claude Levi-Strauss' notion of the bricoleur...")

continue development of your visual language. consider how a language has lots and lots of specific units of meaning that can be recombined in myriad ways. are you developing that?

to your process blog your ten most effective signs you've created so far. 

work in progress for a group crit for next class. physically post up lots of work to review. we will aim for a one-hour overview of everything to highlight successes, look for trends, and get a sense of the whole.