readings for aug 30 class / by tyler galloway

metropolitan energy center’s website
focus on general “about” page, their programs, and skim through the resources section.


the following readings were recommended by natalie phillips at the metropolitan energy center and directly copied from her email to me. they are fairly short [except for the one-hour radio story] and useful for a good overview of the space in which the metropolitan energy center works.

-The backbone of our clean transportation programming is a part of a national Department of Energy initiative called Clean Cities. More info here:

-As a project example: We've worked with UPS at their Lenexa headquarters over the past few years to switch their trucks to clean fuel, as part of their broader national/international efforts. More on UPS's national efforts here:

-We've been working to promote education and awareness around clean transportation, EVs, climate change, and air quality among underserved communities via our local #FuelChange program. Here's an episode of EcoRadio on KKFI that featured the #FuelChange event - we are pushing for funding to do more like these:

-We're working to reduce the burden of folks' energy bills through building energy efficiency measures and energy education. Here's a great article on that topic:

-Here are some good tools to understand the lay of the land for our broader audience: