sept 4 class / by tyler galloway

in class
based on your proposed schedule:
- rough draft / practice presentation
- edit
- think more!
and might i suggest you use chicago style notation system? i might! see below…

brief keynote demonstration

how to make a booklet – digital [indesign] and analog.
- see post elsewhere for specific info and specifications for your document if you wanna have a digital document that is output by the print center.

brief group chat:
- what primary research have you done? with whom? any design professionals? 
- what sources are you using for your secondary research?
- what new questions have you been asking and trying to answer?

a few more free questions for you to ponder while working during desk crit time:
- what are examples of graphic design? how do they function? [visual and written form]
- what's an example of graphic design that is meaningful to you and why? [visual and written form]
- what are examples of “high” and “low” graphic design? is it right to characterize design as "high" and "low"? are there other ways to define areas and sub-sections of the discipline?

review in desk crits in studio [5 min each, 1.5 hours total, as time allows]:
- review research
- review your organizational strategy
- initial ideas for visual approach. notice "ideas" is plural. practice now for iterations on iterations on revisions on edits on semi-finals on near-finals on finals for your project work. "one and done" will not cut it. how do you know your idea is the best one unless you try them all?
- are resources cited in chicago style? 

chicago style info: use the "notes and bibliography" approach mentioned in this webpage. follow the "notes and bibliography" link to this page where many examples are listed for various media types. you can use footnotes [set in small type at the bottom of each screen or page] or end notes [all collected at the end of your presentation or booklet], and then a bibliography at the end.

new work for next class
prepare work for small group process crit. what do you need to have a productive critique session? what does your schedule say?