august 28 class / by tyler galloway

in class
talk time!
setting up printers [see blog post for help]
[per student project timeline] research, organize, think!
so, check-in on what you were supposed to do
- is your partner definition still relevant? what changed? what remained?
- where / how did you do additional research?
- what organizational strategies did you use?
- what are you thinking at this stage?
and…let's organize your info as a group. what are common terms? what are unique terms? how does that help you individually and what does it tell you? 


keynote demo


let's talk about questions [free questions from me, aka new things for you to ponder]:

  • what are the differences and similarities, if any, between graphic design and design thinking?

  • who uses graphic design and to what ends?

  • how does gd function in relation to culture? [written form]

  • what are the boundaries of the discipline?

and make sure...

  • all of your writing is in your own voice, with a consistent approach, p.o.v., level of in/formality, etc.

  • you are properly citing all sources, to give proper credit to your synthesis of ideas as well as establish credibility [ that you did your homework on this].

  • you are *looks down at project brief* working toward a one-sentence definition and some form of expanded definition / explanation[s], both of which are understandable by your parental unit[s].

and finally…

10am mentorship speed matching session!

new work  for wednesday sept 4
[per student project timeline]
rough draft [what does this entail? what is needed / desired / helpful to your elders?]
practice presentation [i assume this means you have a presentation to practice]
think more!
from tyler: use chicago style notation system

anything else?