hello world! / by tyler galloway

welcome to the graphic design department! i'm super excited that each of you have decided to pursue a life in design and start the foundation of that life at kcai. it will be full of newness at every corner, full of challenges, successes, and failures. al of this will make you grow into a thoughtful, passionate, and mature graphic designer by the time you graduate. our primary job as educators is to facilitate your learning in a way that will be of use to you for the next 45 years. no easy task, right? well, our time together will prove short – i promise you that, as it's about 24 months in total – so let's get right to it!

please review your syllabus here here here here. as you know, you are responsible for its content. yay, right?
and don't forget you are responsible for kcai policies and GD department policies as well.