questions - current status of... / by tyler galloway

where do you see your question in relation to a micro/macro view of the typographic world? how might you map that out? 

what are you currently doing to expand/contract/build/extend on your questions? are they getting more micro, more macro, or sliding into adjacent territory?

speaking of macro, have you defined what typography is? i highly recommend doing it in a precise and carefully considered way. how do you do that? where do you find that information?

in what ways might you take your peers’ knowledge into account in your own work? 

if you are not learning what you want to learn, how do you pivot to dig into what you are excited about in the typographic world? 

bonus existential question of the week: in “the information age”, where you can find anything you want to know about typography with relative ease (trust me, it is waaay easier than in the past), how do you “get wise” about type? what is the difference between wisdom and information? can you define each one?