designing a collective learning resource / by tyler galloway

how can you design a usable and engaging system for aggregating typographic knowledge that is being captured within this class?

priorities [prioritized. ha!]

  1. a highly usable and functional format
  2. a level of innovation, delight, and/or engagement that makes the information attractive to readers/viewers
  3. the ability to cross-reference related areas of knowledge

audience [prioritized]

  1.  graphic design sophomores
  2. other graphic design students at any institution
  3. high school students interested in graphic design

two separate ideas for this system [this does not mean two variations on a theme]
rendered onto two 11x17 sheets
pinned to the wall by the start of class, sorted by media type [put similar media solutions near each other on the wall]

make these as visual as possible. show examples if necessary. make diagrams. show inputs, show a task scenario [what's that? hint: it doesn't just apply to web design] if that's helpful. 

basically, "what's the quickest and easiest way to communicate your concept for this learning resource?"

next step
we will review all the work in small groups and select a few of the best ideas. i will review those [and the others] and figure out the best way to proceed. that path will depend on the strongest idea.