feb 25 class / by tyler galloway

in class
check-ins: project 1 deliverables, extra credit opportunities

review project 2 brief

9:30 belinda waggoner, ceo & founder of people people, here


new work for next class
final production refinements and printing.

make sure all deliverables are completed and ready to hand in, as well as emailed before class.

make sure all blog posts are completed.

critique format
criteria-based written input + post-it notes.
all work will be set out on the table as complete sets.
a feedback sheet will accompany each project and each student will provide input.
2 min +/– for each student.

feedback sheet contents:
how would you describe this designer, based purely on looking at [not reading] their work?
based on the visual design, what does this designer value? ex: experimentation, process, d.i.y.
what do[es] the typeface choice[s] communicate to you?
what does the typographic arrangement [composition, spacing, scale shifts, etc] communicate to you, if different from above?
what meaning do the materials [paper color, weight, texture, etc] contribute the work?
mark the overall quality of the letter writing, 1–10.
mark the overall quality of the resume writing 1–10.
how memorable is this work, 1–10?