feb 18 class / by tyler galloway

in prep for the upcoming tiff hockin workshop, please make sure you have google chrome browser on your laptop and download sublime text note: you’ll be prompted to purchase; this software is free to use indefinitely — though tiff does recommend it as a general power-tool!

thank you for turning in all deliverables for project one. know that as future-professional designers, you are now responsible for reading directions carefully and following them precisely. this includes asking for clarification on anything not specified, for which you have questions. i will provide occasional reminders, but will not babysit you through every single requirement for each project.

as stated in the syllabus and gd policies:

Being absent for a final critique / projects not properly submitted at the start of final critique /Being tardy for a final critique will result in being marked absent for the day and not receiving credit for the project.
”projects not properly submitted” means not turning in all required deliverables by the required time. i am also 100% serious from here on out about tardies on critique day – not acceptable.

in class
brief check-in for questions, comments and general peer-to-peer help.

work time and desk crits: speed round reviews [5 minutes each] of design iterations and writing. work with me and/or your peers to determine the most appropriate direction to pursue. base the notion of “appropriateness” on the considerations in the project 2 brief and on your selected attributes.

be working on domain name ideas if you have not already purchased one. a domain is required as part of your final project 2 deliverables.

new work for next class
the tiff hockin workshop is wednesday.

our next class will be monday feb 25. belinda waggoner from people people will be here at 9:30 to talk more about resume and writing dos and don’ts, and to take a look at your near-final artifacts.

have a semi-final resume, business card, and cover letter on letterhead ready for belinda’s review. other materials [#10 envelope, thank you card and a1 or a2 envelope] are gravy if you have those ready to look at, but not required. they will be required for final crit though.

final crit for project 2 is wed feb 27.