rhetoric // april 19 class / by tyler galloway

in class
work time and desk crits on posters in progress. you should have a full-sized, black and white tiled print on the wall for input, along with color studies.

seniors are doing degree project presentations during class today. you are free to watch as much of those as you want. just come and go very quietly and respectfully. do not leave in the middle of anyone’s presentation, and if you come in during a presentation, stand at the back until they are done, and then find a place to sit.

if i do not connect with you during class, i will try to leave post-it note comments on your poster at a minimum. if you don’t have any feedback, shoot me an email with your design attached and i will do my best to respond via email before monday’s class.

soooo, my link for the propaganda reading was a bit messed up because i just re-upped the link without checking it and the site had changed. no discussion over that reading, due to obvious confusion i caused. we’ll read from that site for next class.

new work for next class
read the “core concepts” section from the propaganda critic website. note that it is multiple pages, including
propaganda is everywhere
who decides what you see?
social media and fake news
you are the product
rise of the fake audience

also, do a quick skim through the section on “decoding propaganda”, which also includes multiple pages on various techniques propagandists use.

on your poster, continue with minor iterations, trying out size relationships, color tweaks, typefaces, language choices, and re-working type and image as needed to make your craft as excellent as possible.