rhetoric // revised due date, deliverables, and crit / by tyler galloway

one printed poster, 24” x 36” – any production trickery [non-traditional shapes, finishes, etc] to the print needs to consider how mass production would impact that production process.

24” ×36” pdf file, saved in “high quality print” mode, downsampled to 150 dpi, emailed to me.
filename: lastname_firstname-socialPoster.pdf

all required blog posts:
- your initial [supposedly final] written message and fact, from one of the first class sessions.
- 50 iterations from the morphological analysis
- 15 iterations and 5 media approaches or visual examples
- top two or three final directions
- audience and context goals

a blog post with your poster image. this is for critique below.

physical or digital turn-in of any additional elements you’ve made in addition to your poster.

due date
noon, friday, april 26. either pinned to the wall in 101 or stacked very carefully on the library table.

due by 5pm on sunday april 28:

written critique, delivered as blog comments [or email if comments are not allowed] to three students above you in the blog listing on the course website. if you are at the top, circle back to the bottom of the listing. example: haley critiques jessica, sherry, and katie.

please address the following:

play the cynic – does the message seem compelling? do you care about it?

how effective and memorable is the use of rhetoric? does this have a good “twist'“ that invites your participation in understanding the image, as well as an “aha” moment with a good payoff?

how well does it do the things that a poster can do – catch your attention from afar, draw you in, give you satisfying up-close details?

how expertly-crafted is the image- and type-making?