oct 4 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss readings.

project work and desk crits as time allows.

new work for next class
prep revised prototypes for small group crits with guest critics natalie phillips [mec] and rhianna weilert [kcai gd ‘08]. prototypes should reflect a good amount of thought and research on your topic, but needn’t be highly designed in a formal sense. strategy, audience, and message should be on point, first and foremost. hold the media type and especially the visual form very loosely at this point. be prepared to have 2/3 of your class time for project work.

group 1 [noon to 12:50]: aimée, duncan, kelsey, parker

group 2 [1:00 to 1:50]: jessica, nile, nick, caroline/rachel

group 3 [2:00 to 2:50]: ezra/anthony, lydia, kaylynn, maddie

10 minutes per project, total.

be prepared to clearly and succinctly state your question / problem . it should be specific. “a problem well stated is a problem half-solved” – charles kettering
also state your audience and context for the artifact[s] you are showing.