sept 5 class / by tyler galloway

in class
presentations of research summary & problem / question statements

each student will have a max of 8 minutes total – 4 to present and 4 for feedback. 
don't forget to email me a pdf before noon on wednesday sept 5. filename "lastname_firstname-problemStatement.pdf"

i will email these documents to either seft or hector/karen as a way to keep them abreast of your projects and start the process of making community connections.

new work for next class
read this week's readings for friday, located in "readings for sept 7 discussion"

projects: begin conducting primary and secondary research in any form you can until you get connected with community partners. make good use of your time understanding the problem at its core as well as the intricate nature of its connections to other problems. look at it in the macro and micro. take a step outward and consider the context in which your problem is sitting. 

for campus sustainability, your community partner is you and the campus community in its entirety, in terms of a client/audience. there may be content experts you need to contact, such as local recycling centers or sustainability experts. for both projects, i'm happy to help with any contacts i can in this regard.

for seft/cco, he will guide you to people as best he can, and i am willing to help out as much as i can as well. 

all students have full freedom to contact people related to your problems on your own and are encouraged to do so.