sept 20 class / by tyler galloway

in class
climate strike action.
things ended up being very short for the noon event, obviously. hopefully you made good use of your time for VA purposes. don’t forget the 5pm mass event at mill creek park [horse fountain by the plaza]. if you are able to attend that, it will hopefully be of more inspiration and use.

i trust you read “an age of protest, protest for the age” , which should’ve given you some historical precedents for protest, as well as a greater understanding of the aims and workings of contemporary protest.

new work for next class
for wed, sept 25, make mucho progress on understanding and detailing as much as you can in the following areas:

  • refined question with sub-questions that break down your main question into smaller phases/chunks/projects

  • audience

  • content to cover

  • media possibilities

  • context possibilities

it needn’t be fancy – just recorded somewhere for discussion and your commitment to a direction. the format is open and this will not be presented. it may, however, be a good idea to add this detail to your original problem statement presentation

your first prototypes are also required. these can be “rapid” but should be understandable enough to your audience that they can comment on them and provide feedback. these can be systems diagrams, cardboard models, preliminary printed designs, etc, but should be as visual and “thing-like” as possible. the goal here is to create a rough approximation of the real thing so users can test and provide useful input. the next step beyond this will be to test your prototypes with audience members.