final presentations nov 16 / by tyler galloway

17 min each

possibly in irving amphitheater

12:00 devon

12:20 kelsey / jenna / sydney

12:40 alli

1:00 baillie

1:20 caitlin

1:40 z / tori / isabelle / ana

2:00 alex

2:20 brooke / josh


project overview / overview of the project – problem or question statement[s] and project outcome or project purpose / goal / mission statement.

supporting material – why you arrived at that approach, including interviews/user feedback.

“how you got where you got” – decision-making process.


final product – imagery and / or physical product. allowing time for guests to look at physical things. could discuss in terms of phases of implementation, user scenario – sequence based, macro to micro.

deliverable: pdf with high-quality images and presenter notes due to me by 5pm nov 16. filename: lastname–lastname-lastname-va-finalPres.pdf