oct 3 class / by tyler galloway

in class
review first round prototypes. a reminder of their purpose:

these can be “rapid” but should be understandable enough to your audience that they can comment on them and provide feedback. these can be systems diagrams, cardboard models, preliminary printed designs, etc, but should be as visual and “thing-like” as possible. the goal here is to create a rough approximation of the real thing so users can test and provide useful input. the next step beyond this will be to test your prototypes with audience members.

discuss plans for testing and documentation.

review process to-date and discuss any issues as needed.

new work
for friday: do the readings and prepare your provocations for your classmates.

no class next week, due to a 2-day workshop with kyle green. details to come. i do want you to continue making progress on your project, as time is pretty short. i will email further instructions for next week and post to the course blog. be on the lookout.