oct 9 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss “politics of design” pp 64–85

desk crits and work time – quick review of all 130-ish ideas. 

begin final production of all work

new work
finalize poster for output:

  • all raster [pixel-based photoshop or scanned] images should be saved at 300 pixels per inch at their final print size [2.5” square].

  • vector images are scale-independent, so you should be able to pop those into the image frame and scale as needed.

  • if you have imagery that would look better without the black frame around it, feel free to set the line to 0 points.

  • don’t forget to put your symbol name in the title, and your name at the top.

  • file > export your final file to pdf [print], using the “press quality” setting. do not output with cropmarks.

  • send to casey in the print output center by mid-day friday, ideally, and before 5pm on sunday at the very latest. remember there are 13 other students trying to print stuff for crit, plus other students across campus printing their own projects.

  • in the comments section of the online form, say “gd bond paper” – it’s the cheapest and thinnest stock she has. it should cost about $18. remember they are closed saturday and open 5pm to 9pm sunday.

  • if your file is set up as described above, the plotter should output a 36” x 36” sheet, so no need to trim at all. you lucky ducks.

  • i will say right now that posters not hung on the wall by noon on oct 14 will receive a zero for the project.

final crit format
let’s do “the imposter”, where each student will present a work that is not your own. for 3–5 minutes, you will pose as the creator of the work, indicating the following:

  • your single most memorable solution and why

  • your most unexpected media choice and why

  • your most unique twist on the concept and why

  • your most cliché solution and why

  • your “nice try” effort that need the most improvement and why

we will save additional comments for an open time at the end of the session