sept 5 class / by tyler galloway

in class
book club!: discuss the politics of design, pp 1–21

review the project brief, considerations, and deliverables.

small group crits: two groups of three, two groups of four. review semi-final mockups of both the booklet and keynote presentation. do a test run of your keynote presentation for your peers. time each other to see if you are within the three-minute maximum. 

how to: bluehost update, looking at wordpress templates. 

new work
final presentation and critique for "define / explain".

each student will have 8 minutes total: 3 minutes for the visual/verbal presentation, a couple of minutes to review the booklet, and 3 minutes for peer input. 

we will do what i like to call a "crit chain", where one student provides primary input for their peer, then presents their own work. the next student provides primary input and then presents their own work, and so on. the advantage of this is that every student has a chance [requirement?] to participate in critique, to practice being critical and discerning about our design challenge. 

comments should focus on the project objectives. how well did your peer

  • verbally and visually articulate a clear definition of graphic design and visual communication
  • demonstrate curiosity, wonder, and a sense of play through exhaustive and rigorous design processes
  • understand basics of primary and secondary research in the pursuit of knowledge
  • engage in the basic design process [research, ideate, edit, produce] at a basic level
  • demonstrate clear improvement in physical and digital craft – cutting, sizing, attention to technical & visual details and other project parameters.