sept 24 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discussion of found/discovered ideas vs original creations

forced connections exercise
using a random word generator from the interwebz, generate 10 adjectives and 10 nouns. pair those with your symbol to get new ideas. adjective example: gigantic star, makeshift star, lewd star, ordinary star. noun example: soda cross, attraction cross, girls cross, game cross, tongue cross. yeah, it can get weird, but give each of your words an honest try.

work time / review 35 new ideas
priority will be given to those who i did not talk to last class: sherry, krystina, riley.

things to keep in mind and plan for:

  • that you have at least 70 ideas at this point. more is better.

  • that you are budgeting time to produce any of your more complicated ideas. since the volume is high, you won’t be able to dedicate much time per idea. balance quickly-produced ideas with more detail-oriented ideas.

  • critique one week from today.

new work
produce 35 new ideas for next class.

ready “the politics of design” pp 64–85

be ready to show at least 105 ideas total. begin final production using the poster template file i gave you last week.

begin preparing work for critique next monday, october 1.