sept 12 class / by tyler galloway

in class
bluehost/wordpress/blogger setup. 
my #1 priority here is to get you familiar and comfortable with posting process work online. my #2 priority is for you to have a platform that will transition as seamlessly as possible to a professional design portfolio site that you can use for internships and junior pro practice. after talking to juniors on sept 10, i am open to a wider range of possibilities, including

  • cargo – $99 per year or $13/month. looks like domains are extra. no obvious blog capabilities. looks like most people here are linking to tumblr for blogging. 

  • squarespace – $144 per year or $16/month. combined portfolio and blog options. custom domains. 

  • virb – $10/month. combined portfolio and blog options. custom domains.  

  • wix – $132 per year. free domain for one year. a few combined portfolio and blog options. may be possible to add blog pages but not sure. 

and others. it is imperative to know the pros and cons of each of the many tools out there for web publishing, which we will discuss in class. 

review project 2 brief. what did you find from your symbol research?
determine day-to-day schedule for our project. 

lecture on idea generation techniques.

discuss "the politics of design" pp 22–45.

analog studio tour [time permitting].

new work
make good – no, great! – progress on your ideation process, using techniques from the lecture.