aug 20 class / by tyler galloway

in class

don't forget: aiga meeting in the gd library at 11:00 this wednesday!


setting up printers

getting p-counter account at biz office

project 1

one minute definition + share out

five minute definition + share out

how to ask questions

work out schedule: what are the phases of a creative project? how much time do you need to produce this? what do you need to know to produce this? how much time for researching? for design? for production? for revisions? 


new work for next class [in this order]

  1. continue to define graphic design from your own perspective and experiences.
  2. ask more questions.
  3. conduct other primary research as much as possible. 
  4. conduct secondary research to gather others’ definitions
  5. work as expansively as you can, using visual, written, diagrammatic, informational, poetic, emotional, and any other form you can come up with. 

bring your laptop for printer setup on wednesday.