team assignments for monday oct 3 / by tyler galloway

due at noon, ready to roll. you will need to sort out what team is taking on what task. if you cannot do that, let me know and i will assign randomly.

team 1: design+make strategy doc revisions. read through meeting notes and decide what needs to be changed/added/deleted/improved to create an improved version to send to ksu for hopeful final approval. 

team 2: AV prep and planning for oct 15 event. contact aldo in the media center for help. how to coordinate the documentation? do you need to go visit that space to ensure proper set up for oct 15? what will need to happen to ensure we get usable content that can be transcribed?

team 3: a boatload of logotype ideas for "NEXT STEPS" – the name of the roundtable discussion series happening at the kcai center for contemporary practice gallery. find a working description of the program here on basecamp

team 4: manage final edits to 100&change docs, which are due to us by noon thursday. upload by friday 5pm. message david+team to let them know they're uploaded. get illustrator docs from classmates as needed to make changes.