k-state design+make information / by tyler galloway

the following information will prove useful in understanding the current state of affairs of the design+make studio. 

here is an archive file of tons of different material to read and contemplate:

  • description for the course
  • past presentation files and physical boards
  • project book
  • etc

k-state design+make website

email info from professor david dowell [do not take these ideas as gospel. spend adequate time getting to know the problem, the people, and the possibilities before jumping into "let's design a logo!"]: 

"...there are a host of ways to engage:

  • studio website & other social media platforms
  • Design+Make Studio mark & associated visuals
  • KCUR feasibility study research & programming document
  • Waldo affordable housing research & programming document
  • video for 100&CHANGE application featuring Mayor Sly James
  • On the experimental front, if you like, the focus this year is on whether or not architecture can actually participate in the process of solving major societal problems - homelessness, the degradation of civil discourse and the notion of objective journalism, affordable housing.  Could get at this in some kind of graphic way.
  • open to any ideas or approaches that you feel are good for your students