welcome / by tyler galloway

hi there! [t]here is the syllabus

we have a lot of great work ahead of us in this class. basically all of our work will consist of two outside partnerships -- one with a design/build architecture studio at kansas state university and another with the newly formed "center for contemporary practice" [ccp] at the kcai crossroads gallery on grand ave. both hold an amazing amount of potential for making some great design work and asking a lot of questions about what design and typography can do. i'm super excited about these projects.

our primary contacts are david dowell for the k-state project and james woodfill for the ccp project. both are super smart, kind, "get it" on many levels, and are being very open about what they expect of our work. that's an amazing gift because it will allow you a lot of leeway to practice exploring and pushing the boundaries and expectations for typographic communication.