next steps // idea formation + schedule / by tyler galloway

the next steps team put together a set of ideas for how to extend the ideas of the initial panel discussion about artists working in the community:

  • intro video
  • business cards
  • mural
  • hashtag and social media presence

i would recommend giving a little more time and space to ponder the functions, possibilities and impacts of each of these ideas, and more. this stage, much like what i suggested for the design+make team, should range very widely and try everything conventional and non-conventional. i don't want you to land on an idea until you know it's better than everything else – because you thought of and considered everything else. some things to consider that came to me after reading your descriptions:

my basic assumption is that each of these forms is fairly brief and geared toward "getting the word out" about next steps. can any of these forms go deep? how deep? how might you transform a "shallow" form like a tweet into a "deep" form, like a book? how might a mural engage a reader like a book would? 

what is the relationship between the forms you are proposing and the notion of "documentation"? how is documentation defined? does the documentation or transcription need to be complete, or are summaries acceptable? 

what is the relationship between each of these forms? how might they work as a system? 

selfishly, how might you use this project to learn more about typography at a "type 3" level? 

schedule: looks good, if you land on the final forms you are proposing. i would recommend holding the specific forms and due dates a bit loosely so you can flex if needed. i think it's smart to keep things loose and open-ended right now, with an eye to the future, before deciding too quickly on any set of final deliverables. what value will these things have a year from now? will someone new be able to look at them and understand the issue or take away something valuable from it? 

wed oct 19: mid-term talks. further brainstorming, dialogue, diagramming out of the system, rapid mock-ups/prototypes. try to see in a very fast sense what these things might look like – thumbnail-sketch level. at the opposite end of the spectrum, you could be looking at details like typeface choices – what sorts of typefaces would provide an appropriate voice for this content? 

mon oct 24: abbott miller lecture noon to 1pm / 2pm. 

wed oct 26: tentative meeting with jim woodfill to review concepts. move forward with ideas based on his input. 

mon oct 31: establish a more detailed timeline based on known deliverables.