learning summaries, round two / by tyler galloway

keep in mind the contextual issues of presentation that we discussed. consider audience size, scale of the work, the ability for everyone to lay eyes on it clearly and easily, ability to hold/touch if necessary. the presentation goal is to demonstrate what you've learned so far. the goal of the commentary is to analyze how well the work visually communicates and demonstrates that learning. 

for this round, be very clear on the question(s) you are asking. that should frame and direct your studies. there should be a clear correlation between your question and the things you are making in search of answers. 

each student will have eight minutes total; two minutes to explain the work and what you've learned, six minutes for peer feedback. if you spend your eight minutes talking, no feedback. 


  • a copy of the work for me to evaluate – digital file named "yourLastName_yourFirstName-learningSummary2" or physical thing i can look at for a few days.
  • an updated course blog or process book. all blog posts should be tagged "t1", "type1" or similar, so i can search your blog easily. let me know if you need help tagging. process books should be presented with a sense of craft and organization. i will not accept a random stack of papers. 

easy enough. don't forget that i need both – process and final product.