mid term meetings / by tyler galloway

bring any and all evidence of your work for this 15 minute discussion — process and final products. be prepared to identify strengths, weaknesses, and personal areas you hope to focus on for the back stretch of the term. this brief review will inform my final decision about the mid-term grade, which will be emailed to you as a pdf once all reviews are wrapped up. 

wednesday oct 13
tori green
alexis lorenz
baillie weibers
alli sevareid

monday oct 17
9:15 devon wolfe
9:30 z lisenbee
9:45 alex cutler
10:00 anthony bennett
10:15 parker seydel
10:30 kelsey mack
10:45 bré bullock

oct 19
8:00 isabelle brown
8:15 quentin laurent
8:30 brooke cirone
8:45 sydney sanders
9:00 bailey hughes
9:15 abby crawford
9:30 cassandra wegenka
9:45 jasmine zehner