march 11 class / by tyler galloway

in class
review “flaunt” reading

  • any new insights as to how to handle your portfolio?

  • any thoughts on how to handle an in-person interview so you are not just re-visiting your website?

discussion: what web infrastructure are you using and why? a template site, built from scratch, etc.

work time and desk crits

  • 5 minute check-ins on all required assets – be prepared to quickly show wireframes, project documentation and descriptions, and “about me” writing.

  • develop three different approaches to a home screen, portfolio screen, and about screen that fit within your existing visual identity – 9 screens total.

new work for next class
have your site infrastructure decided.

have your 9 screens described above ready to show for small group critique.

at noon, we will have guest alumnus hugh dewitte here, speaking about his current work as a strategically-focused experience designer working on creating strong customer engagement for businesses.