jan 30 class / by tyler galloway

in class
group crit of near-final image sets. we’ll need to move quickly to get everyone in and keep the project process moving along.

discuss flaunt reading. make a list of best practices and/or things to keep in mind.

discuss: how to write about projects [title - problem/objective/audience , process, solution; what one sees vs what one reads; brevity; establishing a replicable structure]

pair up and help each other to write about one of your top three projects. continue writing project descriptions as time allows. 

new work for next class
work on project descriptions for all 7 projects. post to your blog. 

finalize all image production for all 7 projects.

prep for final crit on feb 6:
[these are the deliverables listed on the project sheet]

– behance url with 7 project images and descriptions
– keynote and/or pdf file with 7 project images and descriptions 
– screen shot of computer file structure - project folders w/images + text file for descriptions

blog deliverables
– specific short and long-term goals, including names of possible places
– a couple of processed project images
– project descriptions for all seven projects