jan 16 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss range of goals

review portfolio sites as a group

review reading

lecture and discussion of styles of documenting work: seamless vs context vs digital flats, etc, etc.

questions to ponder:
why psd mock-ups?
what is your point of view on your visual storytelling?
how to handle projects with several parts, multiple spreads, or other complexity?
how much zoom is enough on detail shots?

small groups / one-on-one: final decisions on top 7 projects to begin with.
- what does this collection say about you as a designer?
- what’s your best project and why?
- what is your favorite and why?
- what role does variety play?
- how do these projects relate to your stated goals?

new work for next class
continue project 1 re-work

read flaunt: photography section pp 119-129