hello world! / by tyler galloway

welcome to professional practices class! i’m super excited to discuss these topics and facilitate your learning more about the field as you prepare to present yourselves to the professional design world.

in class
review syllabus, policies, and general expectations.

review project one

discuss what you’ve done vs what you want to do – goals for internships and eventual jobs. 

full portfolio review of existing work. come to class with printed collection of work [best 10 projects and have hung up in classroom with a point of view on what needs re-working].

small group crit - decide which two projects are going to be re-worked and what / how to re-work: re-design, extend, refine, or “apply” [make more practical or professional something currently abstract or “student-like”].  

new work for next class
blog post on specific short and long-term goals, including names of possible places.

start project one re-work.

identify an interesting portfolio site and be ready to discuss in class - comment in the above course blog post titled “notable portfolio sites”. note approaches to how images of the work are shown. 

read flaunt: introduction pp 10–13