sept 25 class / by tyler galloway

in class

  • word to the wise: be proactive in your design approach. design great interactions. then look at the software and push it as hard as you can to make your ideas work. don't let your concept and visual approach be dictated by what the software can do. don't use the software as an excuse for mediocre design. it's okay to reel the interactions in somewhat, but that should not affect the visual approach significantly. 
  • discuss flinto skill share for next class
  • review "don't make me think" chapter 3
  • work time and desk crits - review 5+ screens and flinto attempts
  • new work for next class
  • continued strong development of your idea – add visual detail as needed [navigation, controls, etc]; consider multiple user flows; provide for a consistent sense of "place" within the interface; ensure your interaction model works consistently [i click this, that happens; when i'm in this mode, these things are available, etc].  
  • read "don't make me think" chapter 4
  • prep flinto skill shares as needed [import video, import vectors, import sound, etc, etc]
  • do your homework on denise and think of some questions you want to ask her to get to know her better. she'll be answering those in small group sessions throughout her time here this week.