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user interface [as defined by caylie, ashley, steven, and sarah]
The conversation between humans and machines to guide a user through a specific, visual organization of information. Their goal is to be logical, dependable, visual and conversational in the design of human-machine interface. When using a specific interface the user expects the menu button to be a menu, not open to another page. These expectations create a logical basis for all decisions in designing the interface. This consistency also makes it dependable, when the user clicks on the menu button they’re given a menu option. This creates familiarity and plays off of knowledge that the user already has. The conversation between the humans and machines creates an experience by using visuals in a methodical, intentional way. The UI designer transfers the information to a visual language in a way designed around its user.

user experience design [as defined by jarkece, debbie, y, and justin]
A product begins with UX design, which is informed by the research, psychology and sociology of the end-users in mind. This initial research and content development informs UI designers in their production of user interface, and from that collaboration the user experience is determined. Depending on the timeline, the cycle can continue for continuous refinement of the UI and user-experience until the product is in the hand of the end user. Attributes of UX design include research, content-driven design, and consumer-driven design. Roles of the UX designer is more content and data driven with roles in user-testing, consumer research, content development and wire-framing/prototyping in collaboration with UI designers to determine the final user-experience of a product. It is being a part of research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality result to ensure that the UI influences the UX. 

user experience as defined by nielsen norman group, and contrasted with user interface and usability.

user experience as defined by wikipedia. 

user experience basics by

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user interface from google dictionary: the means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

user interface as defined by wikipedia

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a pretty clear blog post from ben melbourne on a range of designer/developer roles and their various overlaps. 

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