project 1 timeline - student defined / by tyler galloway

students – let's view this as a suggestion and add detail as we go. we may need to flex here and there to add more time to visualization, learning software, or whatever.  

w aug 30
project definition
tg - have your audience, context, and content well-detailed at this point. 
field trip to jazz museum

tg - new work for sept 6
read "don't make me think" intro + chapter 1
[make sure you buy this required text asap]

visualize your research as much as possible - i want to see your audience, context, and any other research you can make visual. final format is open, but must be usable as reference for a graphic designer [yourself or another theoretical designer executing the design brief].

completed design brief including the following info at a minimum. design briefs are typically just typeset and research [above] can get more visual. it's okay if your research visualization contains some content from the brief. it demonstrates understanding of the brief. 
- project description: usually includes the who, what, when, where, why and how of the communication need [see my project sheet for the basics. it's okay to copy portions as needed. no need to re-write the book]. 
- audience description
- final delivery requirements (website files, print files, etc)
- technical / production constraints
- visual requirements (stuff like "include the logo and contact info", "stick with brand colors", etc)
- basic project timeline and due date


M sept 4
no class

W sept 6
Eclipse Project Due
content research/sketching/moodboards/storyboard/user paths/ideation
content development
***((content discussion – sharing, trading, etc))

tg- review briefs, visual research, and discuss readings
tg - discuss and experiment with interaction models
tg - thumbnails of possibilities based on some interaction models for next class. "get real fast" as julie beeler [founder of second story interactive] would say. 

M sept 11
UMKC Research Library Visit
location: the marr sound archives - ground floor, inside the umkc miller nichols library, 51st and rockhill rd
please consider walking or riding a bike. there is metered visitor parking in parking lots north of the library. bring quarters as it is $1.25/hr. 

visual ideation/brainstorming/determining direction
***"wireframes of some sort" crit
tg - i would say the main point here is establishment of an overarching structure that supports the content and is engaging for your audience. that structure should be able to hold a decent amount of content and be potentially expandable. 

W sept 13
visual ideation/brainstorming/determining direction
tg - big emphasis on visual here
initial crit
***final ideation stages critique

tg - in class
reading reviews:

  • psychological sense of community, don’t make me think intro + ch 1

small group review of all work to date: 

  • design briefs - project + audience description, delivery requirements, production constraints, visual requirements, timeline + due dates
  • visual evidence of audience, context, and additional research
  • flattened interaction models / visual thumbnails / wireframe-y things
  • any additional visual materials you've developed in support of this project

tg - new work

  • read "don't make me think" chapter 2 for monday
  • great progress on visual ideas. 

M sept 18
final decision on direction (editing / narrowing)
tg- ux vs ui talk
tg - flinto demo?
tg - work time / desk crits as time allows

W sept 20
final decision on direction (editing / narrowing)
start designing
***small group crit
tg - possible guest critic

M sept 25

W sept 27
***short crit as whole class

M oct 2
user testing

W oct 4
user testing / refinement (try to be close to be done)
***small group crit / draw names for groups

M oct 9

W oct 11
project due