nov 27 class / by tyler galloway

i hope everyone had a nice break and took at least a little bit of time to focus on relaxing and recharging. contrast is good for not just design, but life as well.

in class
study group with juniors
what common ground is shared between your project and the juniors, and what can be gleaned from that? 
how can you quickly position your progress so as to get useful and critical feedback from your peers? you are not looking for pats on the back, but useful info to push the work forward. 

course evals

production work time and desk crits
are you using age-appropriate models or images to properly frame the audience challenge for this project? one of the primary issues you should be dealing with here is usability for the 65+ age group so it makes good sense to show and tell about them specifically. 

new work for next class
continued work on production
make sure you are pacing your work properly so you don't have a bottleneck of work monday and tuesday night of next week. i expect a high degree of professionalism (craft, visual form) and clarity (usability+delight) in your final work. 

prepare for final crit presentation – wed dec 6, 12 noon
each project will have about 15 minutes total for critique. design for this interaction accordingly. consider your media needs, space needs (who you want where in 119), and physical technology needs, as well as transition time before and after your presentation. talk with your peers about your tech needs. it is always better to be concise in your presentation so you have plenty of time for discussion, with our guests leading the commentary and peers filling in as needed. be prepared with questions to solicit feedback from our guests if there is a void in the conversation. finally, make sure all deliverables are emailed to me before the start of class