nov 1 class / by tyler galloway

yes, it's november, folks. only about five weeks left in the semester. one semester and five weeks and you will be design professionals. develop your work accordingly.

in class

  • ponderation: what are the priorities for this project? how are they different from, say, your folly poster project or your kcai timeline project? what does that mean for the visual aspect of this project? 
  • individual review of design briefs
  • review of user testing process and results. what did you show your participants and how did they respond? what are you prioritizing as your top changes to make?
  • make sure you save the file, drawings, or otherwise document your prototype in its current stage. that will be good for reviewing your process development. we'll call this "stage 1 prototype". 

new work for next class

  • read krug chapter 11
  • prep for study group with juniors. is this an opportunity for a user test? or is it smarter to review your process and get feedback on wireframes / design process / possible visuals?
  • work on your stated revisions from your user testing session and make sure you are staying on top of new prototype development – "stage 2 prototype". add detail to make your wireframes more high-fidelity.