oct 19 class / by tyler galloway

in class

  • review krug chapter 7 reading
  • sam mak workshop!
  • discuss audience options

new work for next class

  • read krug chapter 8
  • develop interview questions and an introduction to the project to set up the interview process, explain goals, etc.
  • prep for study group with juniors – what can you share about this project and your progress on it?
  • review the research sources below, and consider each a possible jumping-off point for further research. focus this round of learning more on the human side of things – what are issues facing senior citizens? what are their concerns? motivations? obligations? 

apple watch series 3
nice overview of the interface and capabilities of the apple watch. this is a good example of “device-specific interactions” because the interface and controls change specifically due to the scale of this object. 

the internet of things is far bigger than anyone realizes
thinking big about what's possible with sensors.

waymo, google's self-driving car

top ten concerns that seniors face

Technology Fear Stops Older Adults From Logging On from aarp