final project deliverables / by tyler galloway

twenty percent of your final grade will be your final artifacts and project documentation, consisting of any of the following, as applies to your project:

final physical objects, to-scale and highly crafted

portfolio-quality photographs documenting any in-context work [similar to jarkece's wheatpasted posters in kc] and studio shots documenting physical artifacts

final video files of any time-based media you have created – mograph, games, promo videos, recorded interactive work

pdfs of publications [press-ready, saved as spreads], multi-screen work, brand standards, significant stand-alone graphics [logos, illustrations, etc]

basically, i'm looking for as much project documentation as you can provide, in high-quality files. 

delivery methods

inclusion in the senior show [notify me of what objects will be in the show so i can grade them on-site]

electronic – email with attachments or sharing a google drive for large files.

due dates

senior show items are due thursday april 26, by 5pm. 

all other work is due thursday may 3 by noon. 

there is a small chance i may have missed some details, so deliverables in this post are subject to change.