final project presentation // april 13 and 16 / by tyler galloway

a presentation is a demonstration or display of a product or idea – simple as that. but an effective presentation requires careful planning and rehearsal to look effortless. your presentation will be in irving studio 121 for your peers and several professional designers. you may utilize the podium, monitor, projector, or other means for presentation, so design your presentation approach and plan your materials accordingly. you have twenty minutes total. seek a healthy balance between monologue and dialogue with critics/audience. spending 15 minutes talking is probably foolish – leave plenty of time for q&a. consider a few questions to prompt discussion amid extended silences.

at the end of the day, your audience should understand three fundamental things about your work:

  • what you were exploring [introduce and explain the problem]
  • how you explored it [structure of your process, images documenting significant learning during your process]
  • what you learned about the problem, and graphic design, through your process [what is the potential for graphic design in your particular problem space?]

presentation objectives/grading criteria

60% explaining your project objectives – a clear, logical, and audience-centered presentation; provide evidence of research and exploration; synthesize research and exploration, thinking and making; provide deep insights about what you learned through the process.

40% presentation/craft – level of finish achieved in final presentation design – high quality visuals + typography; professional attire [something you’d wear to a job interview], and so on.

[submit all that apply to your presentation]

  • pdf of keynote file with presenter notes [filename: lastname_firstname-dp2-pres.pdf]
  • video files used in presentation  [filename: lastname_firstname-dp2-pres-video.pdf]
  • pdfs of printed work used in presentation  [filename: lastname_firstname-dp2-pres-materials.pdf]

friday april 13 guests
julie sikonski [d.e.g. digital]
sam yates [dimensional innovations]
chris magee-jenks [cerner]
morgan ashley daniel [mmgy global]

monday april 16 guests
callie england [wallygro]
rebecca dowell [midwest transplant network]
zak wohlschlegel [cerner]
garrett peek [garmin]